Totara Flats Hut

Amarok Amarok 19 Jan 2019
monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne 25 Nov 2018 No wood or coal for serviced fee but a great regular all the same. Improved track from Holdsworth although little overgrown nearing Totara Creek. Entrance via Waiohine easier on legs lol
monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne 29 Jul 2018 Fantastic, big capacity, serviced hut. Had fire cranking with 2 x other visitors. Walked in via Waiohine track from campsite. Well maintained and pleasant 3-4hr walk following river.
geeves geeves 28 May 2017 Huts great and as busy as ever. Note that the track no longer follows the route on the map. The swing bridge across Totora Stream has had on abutment washed out and the track from below Gental Annie to Totora flats has been rerouted to the old original track. This is not documented on the Doc site but has been the case since Feburary. They have done such a good job of hiding the new track that I only realised something was up when I hit the stream and realised I was on the old track but it had been clears and re triangled. Its a nicer track than the new one anyway
kieranmurphy kieranmurphy 9 Sep 2013 Big and comfortable. Busy hut.
craigofnz craigofnz 2 Mar 2013
bpette bpette 1 Feb 2012
iangeorge iangeorge 6 Jan 2012
TheyLookLikeUs 28 Dec 2011
brianh 14 Feb 2011
john dutchie john dutchie 10 Apr 2010
monkeysh1ne monkeysh1ne 6 Feb 2010
mitch 1 Jan 2008
mitch 27 Jul 2007
izogi izogi 17 Mar 2007
Alcathazmat Alcathazmat 14 Jan 2007
john dutchie john dutchie 27 Oct 2006
madpom madpom 1 Aug 2006
Dr_Scout 1 Jan 2006
john dutchie john dutchie 4 Jul 2005
john dutchie john dutchie 3 Jul 2005
Gpsboy2 Gpsboy2 12 Aug 2001 13 Oct 1991

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