Tutuwai Hut

kallulla kallulla 13 Sep 2014 Hut to ourselves. walked in from kaitoke took 5.5 hrs each way. track needs serious work or track times need adjusting. from kaitoke 1000m climb and decent. same on the return. hut in very good condition, freshly cleaned, and painted. track from kaitoke carpark to puffer ridge track is halfway through construction and is very boggy and yuck
kieranmurphy kieranmurphy 1 Dec 2013 should be a standard hut, not serviced
madpom madpom 8 Mar 2013 Hut is open and whole again after the tree incident. A popular, busy, but well designed hut.
Briar Briar 14 Apr 2012
TheyLookLikeUs 29 Dec 2011
mitch 1 Jan 2008
mitch 26 Sep 2007
Mealz Mealz 1 Oct 2006
john dutchie john dutchie 4 Jul 2005
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