Mueller Hut

Laurahussey Laurahussey 13 Feb 2021
overnight hike, absolutely breathtaking, definitely would do again. the views all the way to sealy tarns, then the climb up to the summit, never forget this day. one to remember for sure. <3 Mt cook surprises me everytime.
mtbarney mtbarney 17 Mar 2012
TomGe 4 Feb 2012
Dulkara Martig Dulkara Martig 1 Jan 2012
malamute-5 24 Nov 2011
Dulkara Martig Dulkara Martig 1 May 2011
ryanbjhunter ryanbjhunter 1 Nov 2010
leovaniersel 14 Mar 2009
habitualhiker habitualhiker 1 Feb 2008
My favourite overnight walk in south island to date. A short but steep (so relatively exerting) walk up and then down the following day. Track is well marked and straightforward. Some patches of snow persisted across the track in February. We shared the hut only with the warden and loved siting by the large windows overlooking the surrounding peaks. Enjoyed sitting on the deck listening to the cracking of nearby glaciers. Only regret was not packing a bottle of wine!
Briar Briar 1 Jan 2008
peter1945 peter1945 1 Jan 2005
apurdam apurdam 1 Jan 2001
Kerrym Kerrym 1 Jan 1998
iangeorge iangeorge 10 May 1971