The Kaweka Main Range - a NS traverse

bernieq bernieq 4 Apr 2016
We found the section up the Otorehaiti stream much tougher than madpom - maybe it's easier in the stream but here's what we did (not recommended :) After crossing the Oamaru river, we climbed above Otore stream (on the TL) and stayed around 750m contour before dropping back to the stream at 730m. Travel i/beside the stream was very slow so we pulled out onto a spur at the 770m level and climbed S the SW to 950m and tried to contour around - bad idea. Lots of guts cutting down to the Otore stream made progress even slower. We looked for a campsite (not much flat ground!) and settled beside the stream at 1040m contour. Next morning, from there to the saddle was steep but comparatively easy.
mrfizz mrfizz 16 Jan 2016
hi would there be much time saving using the Otorehinaiti Saddle to Oamaru Hut from Tussock ? - versus using the Boyd track up to Oamaru? cheers (going in other direction to this trip report)