Zoo Hut

For Zoo Hut
Alert Tracks overgrown in Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve

The track network between huts in Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve is overgrown and in poor condition with multiple windfalls. Additional time should be allowed for when tramping between the huts: Napoleon, Isolation and Brian Boru huts. 

The track to Sawcut Gorge is closed.

The huts within the reserve are open: Isolation Hut, Isolated Hill Bivvy, Napoleon Bivvy, Brian Boru Bivvy and Zoo Hut.

Access to the reserve boundary is possible by walking up the hydro parcels, as identified on Walking Access New Zealand’s  map. However this access should only be attempted by those with a high level of backcountry experience and skill. Otherwise helicopter access is advised. 

This is a long-term alert.

First published on 23 December 2016. Last reviewed on 25 September 2022.
Date 25 Sep 2022 16:36
Source Crown Copyright: Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai 2022.