Minchin Bivvy Feb 2016

For Minchin Bivvy
Alert Predator control for the Arthur’s Pass West area

An aerial predator control operation using bait containing 1080 was completed on 21 and 22 October 2022.

The operational area is the 45,601 ha area east of SH73 in Arthur’s Pass National Park from Harper Pass Track (to Harper Pass) as far as Minchin Bivvy in the south and Otira-Kopara Forest in the north.

There may be toxic carcasses in the area. Toxic carcasses can take months to break down. There may also be leftover toxic bait in the area – green coloured pellet.

Do not take and eat animals in this area until the area is safe. This will be shown by removal of the warning signs and this alert. The area in the pesticide summary map will also show as safe.

How to keep dogs safe around 1080.

This operation is part DOC's National Predator Control Programme to protect native species.

First published on 12 October 2022. Last reviewed on 26 January 2023.
Date 26 Jan 2023 12:24
Source Crown Copyright: Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai 2023.