Catchpool Valley Campsite

For Catchpool Valley Campsite
Alert COVID-19 Alert Level 2: Keep yourself safe

Staying in huts and campsites and using toilets

  • Don’t go if unwell or have underlying medical conditions.
  • If you wish to cancel your booking in Alert Level 2 contact a visitor centre and you will receive at full refund.
  • You are responsible for your own health and hygiene – take and use your own cleaning and protective equipment. Leave facilities clean and fit for use by others.
  • Physical distancing is required at huts – bring a tent to sleep outside if needed, or cancel your trip. Consider wearing a face covering indoors.
  • Use a QR code where provided with the NZ COVID tracer app and enable Bluetooth tracing. Use the hut intentions books
  • Huts, campsites and lodges cannot be used to self-isolate.

DOC's response to COVID-19

First published on 15 February 2021. Last reviewed on 5 March 2021.
Date 5 Mar 2021 22:58
Source Crown Copyright: Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai 2021.