2021: A walk in progress


matthew has visited 2 huts so far this year.
matthew has walked 40.55km on 9 tracks this year.
Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
matthew walked Mount Richardson Track
21 February 202121 February • 4.15km
matthew walked Mount Richardson Bypass Track
21 February 202121 February • 3km
matthew walked Blowhard Track
21 February 202121 February • 3.3km
Blowhard Track
matthew walked Ashley Gorge Waterfall Track
8 February 20218 February • 2km
Surprisingly busy little track.
matthew walked Ashley Gorge Loop Track
6 February 20216 February • 1.3km
matthew walked Lillburn Route
17 January 202117 January • 10.1km
Quick route down on a windy day.
matthew walked Youngman Stream Hut to Tarn Hut
16 January 202116 January • 3.7km
Beautiful climb through goblin forest and herbfield over Lilburne Hill.
matthew walked Youngman Stream Track
16 January 202116 January • 10.7km
Lots of mānuka in flower, hot sunny day. The vehicle track in is suitable for 4WDs and higher cars only. The Prius was not having a good time. For city cars, I would suggest bring a mountain bike to cross the farmland or just walk it.
matthew visited Youngman (Puketeraki) Hut
16 January 202116 January
Youngman (Puketeraki) Hut
Popped in on the way to Tarn Hut. Hot summer day.
matthew visited Tarn Hut, Lilburne Hill
16 January 202116 January
Tarn Hut, Lilburne Hill
Peaceful night at the hut and a windy morning.
matthew walked Peninsula Walk, Onahau Bay
6 January 20216 January • 2.3km