2019: A walk in progress


Matthew has visited 2 huts so far this year.
Matthew has walked 20.4km on 8 tracks this year.
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Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand and Landcare Research under CC-By.
Matthew walked Lake Hanlon Walk
25 January 201925 January • 1.6km
Close up view of storm damage from 2014's Cyclone Ita.
Matthew walked Moria Gate Arch
24 January 201924 January • 4km
Moria Gate Arch
Good family walk with an arch to explore. A film crew were also there when we visited (apparently making a documentary about dinosaurs).
Matthew walked Box Canyon and Crazy Paving Caves
22 January 201922 January • 0.4km
Box Canyon Cave was a lot of fun. Check out the meandering side passages and watch your head (my two-year old learned a valuable lesson about cave ceilings).
Matthew walked Ōpārara Arch
22 January 201922 January • 1.6km
Amazing arch, but you never quite get the view you want.
Matthew walked Te Ana o Matuku Cave
20 January 201920 January • 0.8km
Te Ana o Matuku Cave
Quite long side tunnel near the entrance.
Matthew walked Truman Track
20 January 201920 January • 1.4km
Truman Track
Matthew walked Dolomite Point Walk
20 January 201920 January • 0.6km
Dolomite Point Walk
Kids loved it. Big swells driving blowholes.
Matthew walked Godley Head Walkway
6 January 20196 January • 10km
Godley Head Walkway
Matthew visited Fowlers Hut
1 January 20191 January
Fowlers Hut
Extensive graffiti inside, apparently by one party.
Matthew visited Lake Guyon Hut
1 January 20191 January
Lake Guyon Hut
Passed by on the way from Pool Hut and over Fowler Pass -- long day on foot. Gooseberries and wild strawberries around the hut.

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