2019: A walk in progress


Honora has visited 2 huts so far this year.
Honora has walked 3 tracks this year.
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Honora walked Faulkner's Track
17 October 201917 October
Faulkner's Track
Good to see updates as the conditions on these tracks changes quickly these days with fires and all recently. I met Ben a few times. He was a real gent. We both shared the interest of track cutting. Very pleased to see DoC carrying on his legacy. He was very concerned that the brothers' work would be neglected over time. I told him that young folk had written comments in the Monument Hut book that it was haunted. He was highly amused to hear that.
Honora visited Cold Stream Hut
27 June 201927 June
Cold Stream Hut
DoC have put in place 2 rat bait traps and replaced the mattress covers. They are planning to do some track cutting in the summer of 2019.
Edwards River, Lake Guyon, Fowler Pass circuit
Great circuit with plenty of variation in terrain and vegetation. There are lots of alternatives too e.g. Charlies Saddle/the Racecourse/Stanley Stream and also a low saddle route north over from Stanley Stream to Sandy Stream that leads to the 4WD road east of Maling Pass.
Honora visited Kahutara Bivvy
5 May 20195 May
Recut the track that goes from the spur on a slightly downhill direction to the biv. In the 3 years since we were first there the scrub around the hut had grown phenomenally so we went back and restored the original clearing in May 2019. The door is rotten so Frank has taken measurements so a new door can be constructed and dropped in there somehow.
Honora walked Kahutara Biv route
2 May 20192 May
Kahutara Biv route
We went back a third time to open up the clearing around the hut as it was diminishing with scrub. We also opened up the short bit of track down to the helicopter clearing (dog kennel clearing). I've notified DoC about the rotten door on the biv and provided them with the measurements for replacement. We further clarified the route down the final spur to the sidle track that takes you to the biv. Next job is to make the route down the flax face more obvious.