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Powell Hut [Replaced]
Pretty awesome hut with a deceiving track! Every little ridge on the climb looks like the last. The hut is fantastic. It's a nice change having gas cookers in a hut. Mice got into our oats and noodles though, even though we had it zipped up in a separate bag. This hut will be demolished in November, so I'm glad we came up to see it. The wind was strong over night and was quite scary. Still, we survived. We'll be back to see the new hut next year!
Sunrise Hut
18 Aug 2018
Sunrise Hut
Fantastic hut. It snowed! It was such a beautiful place. Awesome walk. The kids smashed it again. Wonderful sunrise. We will be back!
Rangiwahia Hut
11 Aug 2018
Rangiwahia Hut
Great first hut experience for the kids! Very popular place. The weather was stunning the entire time. Much hotter than we had expected on the way up and very cold at night, although we kept nice and toasty with the fireplace. We will definitely be visiting again!
Sledge Track
4 Aug 2018
Fantastic tramp! Very hard going after the swing bridge. We went all the way to the Platinum Mines Loop Track and saw the cave wetas in the mineshafts and loved the whole thing! Fantastic time! The kids nailed it.
Manawatu Gorge Track
21 Jul 2018
Manawatu Gorge Track