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  • Pro-activePro-active discussed DexShell waterproof socks 7 September 20177 September 2017.
    Thanks for the info. Can't help you much with the boots, but I prefer something with mesh panelling. You ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Woman survives freezing night lost on Mt Ruapehu 17 July 201717 July 2017.
    Could have been forums shortest thread ?! Sorry.
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed National wants to destroy conservation land 17 July 201717 July 2017.
    The Green Party press release, quoted in the original post, eventually links to the Govt action plan - The pert
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed the Te Araroa Trail 23 April 201723 April 2017.
    "North Bound" ?
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Dart track to reopen 2 March 20172 March 2017.
    ""26 January 2017: Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia, Mt Fyffe track and hut Following the 14 November 2016 earthquake, the Kowhai-Hapuku ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Buying A Tent Online (From Overseas) 5 February 20175 February 2017.
    Torpedo7, Zempire Atom, 30% off until midnight 7th Feb = $175
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed 10 Days in May - Travers-Sabine? 7 January 20177 January 2017.
    Yeah. It's odd. Wading through it over the saddle, from an overnight drop. Cross over to the West Sabine side ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed internal mail fault 3 January 20173 January 2017.
    Yep. Mail is all good now. Thanks :)
  • Pro-activePro-active added the photograph, Finding Binser Saddle track 2 January 20172 January 2017.
    It's further around Peveral Peak than you might think from the map.
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Mt Fyffe closure - legality ? 19 December 201619 December 2016.
    Aye. Your MTB link tells the story. Road is closed at Mangamaunu (just before point 243) and at Peketa going ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Nelson Lakes 23-29 Dec 16 28 November 201628 November 2016.
    Indeed. Expect some huts to be full, such as Speargrass, which is the smallest of the loop but close to ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed dehydrators for eggs 13 September 201613 September 2016.
    Thanks All, for your contributions. :) There's been some behind scenes e-mailing as well. Looks like my super dooper ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Hunters Element XTR jacket 29 August 201629 August 2016.
    Gun City are clearing their stitch-seam models as the new versions have welded seams. From $399 online, discounted to ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Backpack size ok, or get a new one? 29 August 201629 August 2016.
    If you're financially comfortable enough, then ditching the 3.2kg pack for a 1.730kg pack, that does the same job, looks ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Wilderpeople. could be a great movie 31 March 201631 March 2016.
    A simple, up-beat movie. Might be adventurous for pre-teen kids ?. Nice settings around Coromandel & Ruapehu. No ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed new 'New Zealand flag' flag 30 March 201630 March 2016.
    The answer to the $26M question ?. ""The British ensign proved to be the victor with no real change in ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed removing sewerage from the great walks 14 February 201614 February 2016.
    Yeah. Slice of life, without a sniff of sensationalism. Stuff/Fairfax seem to be running a lot of pieces from DoC ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Go easy folks.... 28 January 201628 January 2016.
    Some topics are highly combustible. It's like a dark list of "light the fuse & stand back !"
  • Pro-activePro-active updated the photograph, the Ryde Falls 18 January 201618 January 2016.
  • Pro-activePro-active added the photograph, Ryde Falls campsite 18 January 201618 January 2016.
    On 1 of 2 compacted gravel areas just a few minutes from the falls. Well sheltered. Water handy. Many sandflies.
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Internal messaging 10 January 201610 January 2016.
    Yo 1strider ! You switched on to this ?.
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Sabine traverse Circuit 7 January 20167 January 2016.
    Hi. I go with what 'BernieQ' & ;Chris 1' said. Unless they've made in-roads on the wasp poisoning, I'm
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Total calories needed 27 December 201527 December 2015.
    Took some alcohol with my lunch on a day hike. Boulder-hopping on the way out decided me not to do ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Boyles Flat Hut dry ! 6 December 20156 December 2015.
    Hey Geeves !. No info in the hut I'm aware of. There's about 3-4 metres of black alkathene pipe ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed re-installing Hearts, Minesweeper etc 2 December 20152 December 2015.
    To re-install Windows 7 games on your W10, W8, W8.1 formatted computers :)
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed An El NiƱo year - so what does it mean for us? 2 December 20152 December 2015.
    And there's a sleet/snow forecast for the Lewis Pass Sunday evening.
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed BCC Nutritional Data 15 November 201515 November 2015.
    Umami (savoury)
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Inner soles 17 October 201517 October 2015.
    I presume the OP is in Chch, and has sorted this out by now ?. I was in Westfield ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed aussies rescued 23 September 201523 September 2015.
    The way I read your links, they were tramping for mild conditions & weren't prepared, or expecting, to be caught ...
  • Pro-activePro-active discussed Search and Rescue - recollections 12 September 201512 September 2015.
    ""Over the past 50 years farmer Dave Withers has taken part in hundreds of search and rescue missions in the ...
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