Mt Arrowsmith (2781m).
Couloir Peak (2642m)
Cameron Hut (1290m, Basic hut, 9 bunks)

Arrowsmith Range and the Cameron River from Lake Hill.

Classic walks

Abel Tasman Coast Track
Abel Tasman Coast Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
Easy, sunny coastal track with golden sands and excellent swimming. The busiest track in the country, following the length of ...
Dusky Track
Dusky Track  •  4 – 8 days. Medium. One way.
This journey explores the glacial valleys and mountains of Fiordland from Lake Hauroko to Lake Manapouri, visiting Dusky Sound along ...
Heaphy Track
Heaphy Track  •  4 – 6 days. Easy. One way.
A classic crossing of the geologically and biologically diverse northwest corner of the South Island. The track is also open to ...
Hollyford Track
Hollyford Track  •  8 days. Medium. Return by the same track.
The Hollyford Track is a classic lowland Fiordland route from the Hollyford Road out to the coast at Martins Bay.
Kepler Track
Kepler Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
Popular loop track providing access to the mountains around Lake Te Anau.
Lake Waikaremoana Track
Lake Waikaremoana Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
"The Lake Track." Busy track in summer with swimming and fishing along the lake-side.
Milford Track
Milford Track  •  4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
The Milford Track is an alpine journey through Fiordland National Park, and New Zealand's most renowned walking track, visited by ...
North West Circuit
North West Circuit  •  10 – 12 days. Medium. Loop track.
The classic Stewart Island coastal journey known widely for its mud. Links with the Rakiura Track.
Queen Charlotte Track
Queen Charlotte Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
A long but easy walk along Queen Charlotte Sound. This track offers hostel and resort accommodation as well as basic ...
Rakiura Track
Rakiura Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track with a road section.
An historic walk through almost deserted, pure podocarp forest.
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track  •  2 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
An internationally renowned and popular alpine crossing between Fiordland and Lake Wakatipu.
Te Araroa Trail
Te Araroa Trail  •  95 days. Medium. One way.
Te Araroa is a walking trail running the entire length of the North and South Islands. The trail opened 3 ...
Tongariro Northern Circuit
Tongariro Northern Circuit  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
This circuit on the Volcanic Plateau passes close to the summit of Tongariro in a spectacular, active volcanic landscape of ...

What's new?

Great Walks Information
Great Walks Information  •  Article, updated
The DOC Great Walks are a set of premium tramping tracks throughout New Zealand.
Rees - Dart (a variation)
Rees - Dart (a variation)  •  Article, updated
Two weeks of climbing and tramping in the Wakatipu region.
Climbing Egmont
Climbing Egmont  •  Article, updated
An account of my first trip up Mt Egmont back in 2009.
Coast to Coast: Kaikoura to Karamea - part 2
Coast to Coast: Kaikoura to Karamea - part 2  •  Article, updated
Part two of a coast-to-coast journey across the north of the South Island.
Coast to Coast: Kaikoura to Karamea - part 1
Coast to Coast: Kaikoura to Karamea - part 1  •  Article, updated
Part one of a coast to coast across the top of the South Island. 14 days of track and route ...
Circuit of Sth Hurunui, Bull Creek & Ant Stream Huts, Dampier-Crossley Range, Sth Hurunui
4 day circuit passing through Roche Pass and Dampier Corner.
Pike29: memorial money-maker
Pike29: memorial money-maker  •  Article, updated
Today, Nick Smith, Environment Minister, announced plans to construct New Zealand's tenth Great Walk as a memorial to the 29 ...
Photography online
Photography online  •  Article, updated
a list of sites that share good images of tramping and climbing in New Zealand
FMC Partnerships Workshop
FMC Partnerships Workshop  •  Article, added
" Huts and Tracks" was the main focus. How to do more for less when it comes to spending the ...
River Crossing 101
River Crossing 101  •  Article, updated
NZ outdoors has lots of rivers, lots of rain, and not so many bridges; so learning to cross rivers safely ...

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