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Boot choosing time again! Im stumped and being cautious as Ive had a bad run from boots over the last few years. The biggest problem is the soles coming away from the uppers probably due to being wet so often. I actually can't spend more than $250 this time round and just want a leather, minimal lined, sturdy boot that won't peel apart in an unreasonable timeframe. Is this asking too much? Ive been looking at many safety shop boots that have non metallic toes as well as Grisport, Evolve, etc and have looked at as many reviews as possible. As discussed at length previously on this forum , the market is bias to waterproof linings which are just a pain to dry. Short of buying rubber boots any ideas please? Thank you.
These might not meet your requirements for linings, but the reviews are good and they're in your price range.
Frank bought a pair of Hunters Element Victor model boots for $254. He bought them in May and has been using them a lot. Here's a review:
Tried on a pair of the boonies Kaimai. Even though they have been badly reviewed on here. I actually really like them. I may pick up a pair. So cheap there isn't much to lose if I don't like them.
I suggest you try rubber boots, and save up for the good ones. I can't see $250 buying you anything useful unfortunately. But I'm always interested to hear from people what worked for them.
Hi Mr de boer. What is your reasoning behind your opinion? Do you think Bullers are crap because they are less than 150? What are your experience with boonies? I wore skellerup Bullers for years. Then upgraded to scarpa sl m3 which I also wore for years. The last couple of years I have tried the lightweight scarpa nanga la boots which I have really enjoyed. I am now looking at various options. I still have all three of the above. My Bullers still trudge on but nowadays have no laces and are used to mow the lawns. My second pair of m3 have almost no sole left. And my nanga la are thrashed. I am looking at saving money and getting a decent boot that will last a year or two with out braking the bank. The boonies actually feel like a mix of Bullers and tramping boots. They seem as if they will keep out gravel take a beating have full rand. Neoprene snug ankles. Should keep puddles at bay. They may fill with water but drain holes could be put in like with Bullers. They are cheap. The soles look adequate. Otherwise I'll just spend a small fortune and get another pair of scarpa or try the lightweight salewa boots.
@gaiters: let us know how you get on with those boonies.
I recommend the new ones I got, but not sure if they are good for Fiordland wetness, as I'm just planning to go there for the first time in May myeself :D I also do have some Salewa Pro guide...mountaineering ones ( for ice climbing while by Garmonts (again full leather) have served me well for the last 10 years and still going strong.
Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. yeah I know $250 probably won't give too much quality choice but Im still hoping. Ive had all the rubber boots including boonies. All great in the wet but unfortunately not as comfortable or versatile year round like a leather boot, for me. Ive also sadly found that spending more money doesn't always represent more durability and/or quality materials until some price threshold has past. And financially I can't get near that, what ever amount it may be. Off to town on wednesday to try some boots on. Im still interested in some non metallic toed safety boots only as Ive worn the likes of john bulls and tredlites daily for years (as work boots not tramping) and they never came apart. Ive got a tread worn one soaking in a bucket of water to see what will happen to it. (been 2 weeks so far and its fine) Perhaps the glues those boot makers are better?? And are making boots for people who are wearing them every day. Just a theory so far.
The Lastrite tramper boot may fit your criteria. Handmade in NZ, leather with replaceable sole, minimal/no padding. $255 If you are bashing about in the mud a lot, then Buller boots aren't bad.
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