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Hey everyone, Just to let you know I’m working on a top-to-bottom rebuild of the forums. Key features: * new visual design * fully responsive — i.e. proper styling for mobile devices * icon responses to posts — sometimes a thumbs up from s all you want to say * retain other existing features This will be a better platform for future work. Is there anything else you’d like to see?
Matthew have you given any thought to re-instating the scroll function for photos. Once we were able to view all photo's we had and simply scroll through them. I removed all my photos some time back as I became frustrated in not being able to make amendments or replace some with updated ones. This was sole though my inability to find the photo required that I wanted to replace. Unless some other facility exists for this and I have missed it. Which is always possible. Thank you for all you do.
Hi @FrankB You can do this through the search button — choose advanced, then photographs added by me. It’s not very convenient though, I realise. The whole profile area needs a rebuild. So the answer isn’t there in the short term. In the meantime I can also add filters to the photographs page which should do the trick. I will get onto this. I appreciate this has been a frustration for some time. Unfortunately with young kids, I can only find 2-3 hours per week to work on things.
Two more changes coming for forums: * original post pinned to top of each page * original poster able to specify some parameters for the thread.
I am surprised at how well you do manage the site. With time at such a premium.
Woohoo. Thanks. If you're bored and hacking away in future, one thing I've often thought might be nifty is the availability of some kind of mark-up for quoting text. eg. <q source="Matthew">Maybe this appears boxed and indented with 'Matthew' as a heading of some sort.</q> Where it's useful I've usually tried to quote short passages, either from articles or from previous posters, by putting them in quotation marks. Sometimes though I think the flow can get mixed up, and at a glance it's not always obvious that the text wasn't directly written by me.
You mean those inflammatory statements aren't yours ?! 🤔
One little thing that doesn't seem to work properly is tagging another user. Putting @ in front of a username creates a link to their profile, but is there any way to generate a notification to tell them that they have been mentioned? (hmm, with all this 'thumbs up', tagging, and notifications it's beginning to sound a lot like that ubiquitous social media platform 😉) Oh, and a 'cheat sheet' with formatting hints and how to add images etc. would be handy. I know there are instructions mentioned somewhere but I have to search hard for them on the odd occasion I need to use them.
Kia ora @Briar, Yes notifications on mentions is on the list to do. A cheat sheet would be an easy win -- I'll add that. @izogi, good idea. Should be straightforward.
Once again you don't seem to be able to go back thru photos and other contributions you've made more than a couple of days (even using advanced search). Restoring the old functionality or the ability to scroll thru all photos would be useful. Matthew in one instance I see all the revision histories have been wiped prior to a couple of days ago. Is this supposed to be happening? A bit like FrankB I'm finding it harder to quickly locate photos or other contributions that I'm prepared to update with new/additional info.
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Started by matthew
On 7 October 2017
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