Tasman river crossing

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Looking at heading up the Tasman valley for a look around Gorilla stream area and wondering if the Tasman river is crossable anywhere from around Mt Cook airport up to the outlet of the Tasman lake. I know I can start from the other side at Mt Cook station but its a bit of an extra walk.

If Im thinking the same place there is a tourist walk to the start of the lake with a swing bridge. Pretty knarly beyond that walkway though

@geeves unless one has been built very recently there is no swingbridge over the Tasman. @rumpy12 I asked a simular question 10 years ago and was told that raking a dinghy or using the glacier boats were the only options (or crossing the Tasman Glacier which was beyond my experuence level). I got a puckup from the mouth of the Murchinson by the glacier boats - who insiated on not charging me. Not sure they're as active now the icebergs are all gone. However ... the Tasman river didnt look too big and I suspected a crossing may have been possible at the ruver levels I saw. Hopefully someone with more recent / accurate info responds.

Thanks for the responses. I was up at the lake in April and there was 2 tourist boats on the lake. Maybe I could call them about ferrying. Crossing the glacier is not something I am experienced with so not keen to go around the top side.

Most climbers going across to climb Nun's Veil flag down a glacier boat. You're at the mercy of their timetable though and often you'll end up waiting for a while to get back across. Make sure you've got something to flag them down with because they're running a business and not necessarily looking out for you. I know of a few who've used cheap inflatable dinghy's and a rope to ferry their team across the river. Going around the top is just not safe and would take you forever and defeat the purpose. The glacier boat's are the safe option.

Thanks Strider. The boats seem to be the quickest safest option. Do people book a crossing or just hope they get picked up? How much do they charge?

I called, told them the likely location and time range, and they said they'd look out for me.

Hi rumpy12 I'm booked to go across there too in 3 weeks. Would love to hear some feedback, if you can, once you get back.

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a couple of years ago we gave them a box of beers (I think 24x Speights?). we were 6 people and they ferried us back the next day so they must have been happy with what they got :)

@rockman1 Looking at heading up around the end of Oct/early Nov. You may be there before me. Thanks radup.

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