hikurangi anytime in the summer

Hey guys my name is jimmy i'm a 24 years old funny french guy. I truly want to do hikurangi sadly don't had a car for now so i'm looking for someone interested to do it as well so we can go see the big scarved maui totem and his family as well as a first sun rise in new zealand. hope someone could be intersted in this adventure too. cheers jimmy
Hey mate check out facebook groups, you might find people there, not sure you would find anyone here on this forum.
My whanau(family) is in Ruatorea. They should be able to pick you up and drop you off at the farm gate. Should be able to stay with them the night too. Get to experience real Maori culture.
Gaiters thanx you a lot for this information can you send me their contact in private message I will come back in this area arround February I think cause I'm in the south now anyway thanks lot for the information Kind regards Jim

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Started by jacpot78
On 30 September 2017
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