Human waste is littering the Milford track

1–10 of 12 Human waste and toilet paper are littering the Milford Track as another busy tourist season approaches, a Department of Conservation (DOC) contractor says. No captionLarge visitor numbers are putting a strain on infrastructure. Photo: Wikimedia Commons About 14,000 people hike the South Island track every year, known around the world for its scenic vistas and landscapes, but locals believe poor management is ruining the experience. The contractor, who spoke with RNZ under the condition of anonymity, said the amount of human waste visible in the area was "disgusting" and the situation was out of control. "On some of the Great Walk tracks, you find poos and toilet paper just littered down the side of the tracks," they said. "In some of the campsites along the Milford Road, it's really quite bad, you've only got to walk 20m into the bush and it's all over the place." The contractor, who had spent a lot of time working in the area, said the track got busier every year, but many tourists did not seem to understand how to use a toilet. "At some of the DOC campsites, even though there are toilets there, for some reason some individuals only use the toilet paper and they'll poo outside the toilet," the contractor said. "It's just disgusting." They said more needed to be done to fix the problem. "There is a lack of infrastructure, which I understand DOC is putting money into, but also a lack of education." Otago farmer Hamish Carswell said human waste was a common sight at some tourist centres. He had recently visited Manapouri, almost 140km south of the Milford Track. "I've seen firsthand, across from the Manapouri Store, there is a picnic area with a beautiful view of the lake with trees down here... if you go for a walk down there by the trees, there's human excrement," Mr Carswell said. "I don't think we have enough infrastructure." 'We learn from every summer' - DOC DOC acknowledged there was a problem, but denied that it was widespread. Its recreation manager, Richard Davies, said only a small number of tourists caused any problems. "We learn from every summer... but we can't be everywhere at all times," he said. "For whatever reason, there's always been a minority of people who don't do the right thing." Mr Davies agreed that the main solution to the problem was education. He said the department would be boosting staff time by 3000 hours in the lower South Island, and increasing the number of toilets available. "We're making sure we will have rangers out there to talk to people and to address any issues." He urged the public to get in touch if they saw any excrement while out walking this summer.

Some people dont like a few little flys and being able to look down the hole. Instead of having to look down the hole we get to look at a pile. They need to harden up. Maybe a peg on a string at every loo might make them more attractive. Maybe hidden cameras and spot fines would help. Its lazyness not education at work here

Human waste ARE littering the Milford track.

My gut instinct tells me he is exaggerating. It is at the end of winter, very few people would have been walking the track, and the ones who are would be more experienced, combined with the amount of rainfall Milford gets over winter it would not take long for poo to decompose even with the lower temperatures. If he was talking about the end of summer, I might find his story more believable. I am pretty certain all the toilets on the Milford track are flushed. So there are no fly holes to look down.

So many people, over & over, in the same places. All part of modern-day experience if a track starts from a phone app listed free campsite.

People that are only here a short time and know that whatever they do will disappear in a few weeks. They mostly know the rules but "sometimes" ignore them. That was fine when there was only a few but now they are like flys and nature cannot reclaim fast enough

Aye. By-gone days. And, it doesn't disappear quickly. It's also wasp food. Just when I was up-beat about the new wasp bait/poison. 15. —(1) No person shall urinate or defecate in or upon any street, arcade, vacant land, river, canal, ditch, drain or watercourse or in any place to which the public has access except in any sanitary convenience provided for such purpose. .... With the public's support and the hiring of more enforcement officers, we believe Singapore will become a better place to live in for everyone". The following measures are expected to take effect from 15 August 2014: 1) Fine $1,000 if caught s......g or peeing in public 2) For repeat offenders: Jail of up to 12 months and 6 strokes of the cane 3) Offenders who are caught defecating in public will also be sent for mandatory Corrective S... Training where they have to clean high traffic public toilets for a period of one month. Subject to their performance during their Corrective S... Training, trainees may have their stint extended if they do not clean the toilets properly 4) Members of the public are encouraged to submit videos and photos of people defecating in public on an online NEA portal. After the culprit has been arrested and successfully reformed, a $100 NTUC voucher will be mailed to your home as a token of appreciation - More at FB:

I am all for rubbing their noses in it.

this is what you get when you promote walking tracks to tourists who arent real trampers... it flies completely in the face of what tramping is about. unfortunately some tracks are just becoming no go zones for trampers for the apalling behaviour that goes on.

Great walks are advertised extensivly as must do trips. Not much says anything beyond should be fit. No experienced hikers only or such like. Why should we expect that people that dont know how to act in the bush avoid this trail? A possible fix would be to demand proof of a bush craft course as a prerequestit of booking a great walk. I can see that idea floating like granite.

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