Missing Mongrel Mob now a real hagiography

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Wow, look how Kirsty Lawrence has produced the finest hagiography or our missing Mongrel Mob members: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/96634457/search-continues-for-missing-pair-in-tongariro-national-park All their supposed last words have been reported in the media (they fill a book by now). They "allegedly fled from a police chase." Allegedly, wow wow wow. Well, at least it's slightly better than the Mongrel Mob description: "the police chased them into the bush." And stealing a car? No way! He was on "a road trip. ... travelling to try and keep himself busy" My tears start flowing now. And what a wonderful kid: "How blessed am I as a mum to have a kid like that." His Dad was a bit more upfront about his son some weeks ago, but that has now transformed into: 'Hakopa Ngaronoa was an adored member of the family, known for being "mischievous and loveable".' You don't say. It seems our Mongrel Mob members have an additional human right: the right to be whitewashed.
Police now report with location where bodies were found: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11920280 "The men were found south of the Mangatawai stream between 1pm and 2.30pm, a police spokesperson said."
Whatever they maybe did, these guys died in the wilderness. That's a high price to pay. Let's have some respect.
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The point is they did not have to. If they had respect for the law they would not be dead.I agree it was a high price to pay, but it was their choice. I have to agree with @Berend.
Non trappers in tramping country without tramping gear at the worst time of year
... and a trail of discarded clothing.
How useful are dogs in this sort of search, when you can (presumably?) be reasonably confident to be looking for something in a fairly defined area.. even if it's very difficult to cover? I presume they must have been considered and either not used or didn't work. Do the scents simply disappear or get washed away in the sort of weather that was experienced?
I think I read somewhere dogs were used. If so and trail was fresh (like clothes found) dogs will track over dry ground well. If they crossed water at any point dogs will cast up and down the water course in an effort to re-locate scent. In heavy rain it becomes more difficult but depends on how much water washes over their track. But if there is a lot of water in a fairly open area dogs may lose scent. A dog has a pretty good nose and if well trained can cope in some pretty trying conditions. In this instance if streams had become swollen and washed the tracks combined with heavy rain it would have been a difficult tracking. Probably wouldn't have got far with it.
Paradoxical undressing is not uncommon with hypothermia. One stage of hypothermia causes blood to rush back to the skin. Possibly to stop potential damage from restricted blood flow. Or possibly a failure of the body to regulate blood flow. This causes the sensation of feeling hot. By this stage the person isn't thinking straight at all and may instinctively take clothes off and May just discard them
Agree with Mathew. they might have been crims, but being totally ignorant of the bush and dying is a harsh lesson

This thread was closed by Matthew .

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