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Hi all, looking at doing a Tararua Northern Crossing Circuit sorta tramp in a couple of weeks and would need to leave my car in Levin. Is there a "best" place to do this? Any recommendations? Also is any taxi company better than the others for drop off and pick up on Gladstone Rd? Thanks for any help.

Never heard of problems at poads road. The car park is right next to a farm house.

Can't recall which taxi servIce I used. I've always left my car at the station with no issues both when commuting and for traverse tramps. Handy when you cone back from the Wairarapa side on the train.

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Am I missing something? .If I read the OP right he's walking a traverse - i.e. crossing the Tararuas on foot and as such returning to Levin by public transport from the Wairarapa - or vice-versa. If that"s the case leaving a car at a roadend is not exactly handy when you get off the bus/train in Levn upon your return.

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Ah yes. Missed that one!

Yeah, planning on a circuit so transport wasn't a problem other than if I was unable to leave a vehicle at Poads Rd. If it is safe to do so there then I will do that. Will check out the other suggestions as well. Thanks all for the responses.

I've left cars at Poad Rd in the past with no issues. Often there are a large number of vehicles parked there. There is an inhabited house next to the car park so maybe this helps to put opportunist off.

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Started by Dodgydave
On 25 August 2017
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