Electric undies

Many years ago, a brainstorming friend of mine was talking about making an electric blanket vest to keep him warm during a particularly cold tramp (there was no way as you would have required a very large battery to keep it going ... let alone charging the battery). Wonder how long before we start seeing hi-tech clothing with USB ports :-) https://qz.com/1059484/a-new-high-tech-fabric-could-mean-the-end-of-bulky-layers-in-the-winter/

https://www.ororowear.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz_TMBRD0ARIsADfk7hSBUSJVeOkfPsLRL1AI1WdrJjxjxEJZ0acALqhMloXO6glgzxrJB6caAqyMEALw_wcB Way ahead of you...

Electric jackets etc have been sold at Bunnings for quite awhile now.

This research is weaving silver fibre through the fabric allowing conduction to warm evenly without much power. e.g. A pair of undies can be kept warm with a couple AAs

Yeah, I saw the article and thought it was a cool application. I wonder how long it would last in sweaty areas of your body though, wouldn't be fun to get a short circuit in your jocks!

...... might be 😂

Placemakers sell Milwaukee gear - https://www.milwaukeetools.co.nz/heated-gear http://www.neushardware.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2392_2393_6.png

A couple of weeks ago a colleague had an electric blanket catch fire, and my mum has had that happen too. As much as I am no longer interested in having kids......

Just checked the website which Mosley recommended. I’m interested in this one. https://www.ororowear.com/collections/women/products/women-heated-jacket Anybody have one? How long does battery last?

The website states up to 8 hours before needing to be re-charged. Bit difficult in the middle of nowhere and no electricity supply. Curious about how much weight the electrics add to the garment? Don't think I would care for the extra weight.

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