Rahui placed on Kaimanawa search site

http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/update-%E2%80%93-tongariro-search-day-10 "UPDATE – Tongariro search, day 10 Tuesday, 22 August 2017 - 5:29pm Bay of Plenty Statement attributable to Senior Sergeant Tony Jeurissen The search for two men missing in Tongariro National Park entered day ten today. Since the pair went missing on Saturday 12 August the Police co-ordinated search has included specialist search teams, hundreds of volunteers, the Police dive squad and a Police dog trained in search and rescue techniques. All search activity to date has been unsuccessful in finding the pair. Today a karakia led by Ngāti Tūwharetoa was held at the search site and a rāhui was placed on the area. Family of the missing men were also in attendance. The rāhui is being placed on the area between Mangamate Stream to the north, Makahikatoa Stream to the south, the Desert Road to the west and Tongariro River to the east. Signs will be erected informing the public of the rāhui and to stay out of the designated area. Placing of rāhui is a cultural practice that will protect the site from disturbance. The rāhui will stay in place until lifted by Ngati Tūwharetoa. The search for the two men is now entering a new phase. All information gathered through the search will be re-assessed and this will guide the way forward for the search. Police are in close contact with the whanau of the two men and remain determined to bring these men home. Throughout the search the ongoing support from Ngāti Tūwharetoa has been invaluable and is greatly appreciated. Police Iwi Liaison Officers are continuing to support the families."

why do the media keep saying the pair are in Tongariro National Park. tree Trunk Gorge is in Kaimanawa forest park, last time I looked at the map?

That's a good point. It's all through media as Tongariro National Park, even as recently as last night, but Wayne's link above seems to be a Police Press Release. I wonder if someone's confused it because the Tongariro River goes next to the end of Tree Trunk Gorge Road.

the police put out an update for the kaimanawa search to do with bodies found in the Mamaku's, hundreds of k's away

Didn't find that, seems that the mamaku story is different people no? Last news was that there is not much going on: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/96293647/sister-of-man-lost-in-tongariro-national-park-pleads-for-search-to-continue

I queried Stuff re the Tongariro NP reports. The newsroom responded that they were sticking with saying it's Tongariro because that's what Police are putting out.

To echo something I've just posted into Wayne's NZ Tramping News group, I've looked up the LINZ data. I'd assumed that the park boundary was State Highway 1. According to the Primary Parcel Database, there appears to be an obscure block of Tongariro National Park up to the edge of the Tongariro River, jutting out over SH1 on the northern side of Mangatawai Stream and south of a line extending west from the Kaimanawa Road Campsite. Tree Trunk Gorge Road crosses a private(?) land block (south of Mangatawai Stream) before ending in Kaimanawa Forest Park... but Police stated an area of interest to be around the Pillars of Hercules (north of there). That's within Kaimanawa Forest Park, near the Urchin Campsite, but just over the Tongariro River from there is Tongariro National Park. If that was the search area, I can see why there would be some confusion about stating exactly which park things were happening in.

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