August 2017 updates

Two rounds of updates this month. The rather tired "visitors book" has been reimagined using the "check-in" metaphor that has become standard on social sites. I have put some time into surfacing the information in interesting ways through the site. I think you will find it much easier to use, and more mobile-friendly. Changes are as follows: 18 August * Feature check-ins on home page * New check-in time line view on profile pages (look for the "Check ins" button in the right margin * New favourite / Check in buttons on tracks, huts, etc 4 August * Track display changes, including ability to mark accessible tracks * Add markers for the start and end points of tracks for precise driving times * Migrate the visitors book to "Check ins" which are more intuitive to new users * Many, many bugfixes
Thanks again for all your hard work Matthew. Adding the recent check-ins to the home page is a nice touch and I definitely like having the timeline on my profile. Makes it easy to recap at a glance where I have been.
I like the new check-ins, but I also liked being able to see with a quick look on the right hand column (without scrolling) if there was any comment on the place / track, which are usually useful. Maybe we could have the number of checkins as a button in the right column back where the visitors book was? Apart from that, quite good :) Ah yes something I've been wondering for quite some time, why not use LINZ tiles instead of Google Maps for the location of tracks and huts? Google Maps usually have no clue about all of that and is quite useless frankly.
Thanks for your comments. There will be a few fixes and enhancements for checkins, including downloading your own as a spreadsheet. Bohwaz I'll give some thought to that. The reason LINZ tiles aren't used is simply the work involved in sorting out the tiles. It would be better.
Great idea to be able to export the check-ins :) For maps: you don't really need to spend time on tile handling, you could use a tile server with the MBtiles file found here: Or you could use my tile server. Here is the Leaflet config: tile_url: 'http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg', minZoom: 8, maxZoom: 15, maxNativeZoom: 14 The tile source for my tile server is the "IRNZMaps" file. If you want to use my tile server please just provide a link to somewhere and credit the maps to LINZ :) This is the tile server we are using for maps on, eg.
Beware of the LINZ-hosted WMS tile servers. They are often painfully (unusably) slow. I read that they are handing over all their remaining self-hosted public data handling to Koordinates - so maybe that will improve things. Meantime, yes - secondary hosters such as @bohwaz recommends may well be better.
Yes I moved away from the LINZ WMS server as it was too slow.
I'll check this out, thanks.

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Started by matthew
On 18 August 2017
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