Grey River area - Marlborough

Hi all. I was wondering if anyone here had any knowledge of the Grey River (Marlborough version) and the huts situated around it. In the past I have walked in to the Teme Basin and around the tops above it. Have also gone in to Avon Saddle and from there along the tops as far as Old Pudding (don't do it - the start of the ridge is a mess yet somehow there is a fence melted in to the solid rock right along the top. The folks who put that in sure had their work cut out!). However, I have never dropped in to the Grey itself. I know Teme Basin Hut (lat -41.802346 long 173.626985) belongs to Glenlee Station and the hut at the start of the Avon Saddle track (lat -41.795819 long 173.524159) also originally belonged to them. (Incidentally does anyone know what that hut is called?) I do not know the names of any of the other huts in the area or who they belong to. Since they are shown on topo maps but not named I think it can be assumed the are not DOC huts (and nothing is listed on the DOC website) but belong to stations? Glenlee? Upcot? Specifically the ones I'm interested in are situated in: Cow stream (lat -41.818595 long 173.57437) Grey River (lat -41.855365 long 173.582954) Burnt Country Creek (lat -41.860287 long 173.525962) Enchanted Stream (lat -41.917602 long 173.468455) Castle River (lat -41.926862 long 173.417815) Any knowledge anyone has on the area would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Could ask my father, he use to hunt in that area would not have visited in the last 30 years. There is a lot of private huts in that area, and access is also not the easiest.

Thanks @Militaris any info would be appreciated. I've also got my old man doing some work on this but haven't heard anything back from him. I did do some online digging and from old Linz reports (I think that's what they were) I discovered the following: Cow stream (lat -41.818595 long 173.57437) — Glenlee Station Grey River (lat -41.855365 long 173.582954) — didn't actually look this up but assume Glenlee Burnt Country Creek (lat -41.860287 long 173.525962) — Upcot Station Enchanted Stream (lat -41.917602 long 173.468455) — could not find Castle River (lat -41.926862 long 173.417815) — Muller Station Would be really interested in any info on the Enchanted Stream hut. Thanks.

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Started by Dodgydave
On 19 July 2017
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