National wants to destroy conservation land

1–10 of 18 Today the Government released its West Coast Economic Development Action Plan, which included: • Identifying ‘low value’ conservation stewardship land that could be disposed of. • Streamlining mining consent processes to reduce Department of Conservation input. • Preparing a strategic case for a road through Kahurangi National Park.

from the article “National is showing that it is just as big a threat to our conservation estate as stoats and rats." The question to madpom has to be what bait to use on the new trapline near Molesworth Street?

@geeves Gerry Brownlee's dandruff?

Is that an attractant or repellent? Meat pies would work better

Being election years those would have to be pork barrels, rather than pies, wouldn't they?

How about worthless election promises They are cheap to buy and easy to store but decay quickly

teh road through kahurangi will never go through, the govt will do the sums and say , we tried but its going to cost too much....

Some of his dandruff could well bait the trap closer to election day

When I browsed the action plan on the council's website it didn't strike me that it wanted to be to remove DOC's input. It did, however, say that the businesses struggle with having to submit stuff to so many different agencies and go through all those processes. They wanted all those agencies to collaborate better so there wasn't so much duplication and wait time in the submission process. The bit which looked most concerning to me wasn't even mentioned by the GP press release. They want to investigate the possibility of more native tree extraction following the brief benefits that followed the specific legislation after the cyclone.

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