Mt Winterslow access

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@honara or anyone else - do you know if access along the Winterslow Station 4WD track to/from the forks at Cookies is granted these days? Seems from the last comments here that free access was ending ... I'm assuming from @lenshaw and @honara's comments that the route down the Ashburton is likely to be challengingly deep from the hut to the roadbridge.

Mt Hutt Station are the (newish) leasees & they may give access;if you`ve got a rifle/dog then good luck! If by the forks at Cookies you mean the confluence of the Swift & the North Ashburton Rivers,then river travel can be problematic over 4-5 cumecs on the Ecan site.Right now,a wet suit would be useful.You could link up with a 4wd track from Cutty Grass hut on the t/l or from the stockbridge on the t/r.Using the s/bridge is dodgy from rotten timbers but I`ve used it in recent years with care.Mt Alford Station are the guys to ask about access. If I can help with names/phone numbers,message me. Huey`s about to unload this arvo so if you`re down this way,fuel up the snowmobile.

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Any up-to-date snow level / depth reports on this area (Mt Hutt / Hakarere) following Tuesday-Wednesday's dump? I got hope from Matthew's Pudding Hill photo on the home page showing snow was down to about 1100m and pretty patchy / light above that up to the 1600-1700m summits opposite. But on closer inspection that seems to be taken in 2014! Unless his camera's date is set wrong.

i asww a video on facebook of people stranded up mt hutt

Mt Hutt skifield might have some data but then I consider skifields like to tell porkies about their snowfall. I reckon they rake and pile up snow in an area of a square metre, measure the height of the pile and say that's how much snow fell! I recall Craigeburn as being the most honest skifield.

Surely _someone_ can tell me what altitude the Canterbury frontcountry snowline is at. About to drive all the way up tommorrow and will be very disappointed if there's deep snow to sealevel and I can't tramp anywhere. Don't care where in Canterbury ... just give me an altitude so I have some reference to plan where to try with.

They had some serious road clearing to do at mount hutt skifield

Altitude of snowline . Lewis / Porters / Arthurs. Anyone?

webcams around AP

Mt Grey snowline, 500-600m

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Started by madpom
On 10 July 2017
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