Toaroha-Frew Circuit

Looking at planning this tramp for the coming summer, and wondering if anyone had an opinion on whether clockwise or anticlockwise is best? DOC and most blog accounts I've read describe a clockwise circuit i.e start at Cedar Flats and finish via Rapid Creek. I must admit I like the idea of finishing at Cedar Flats for the hot pools, but maybe there's a reason why most trampers go clockwise....? Thanks for any advice Andrea

We started at Rapid Creek,but either way is fine.We had a couple of nights at Frews Hut & Bluff Hut with heavy weather & took 10 days,a great option if you have the time. Blue Ducks on the lake at Top Toaroha Hut & a brief sighting of a long-tailed cuckoo were special.A lot of rain will stop you regardless of where you start.The newish s/b over Rapid Creek takes the drama out of this short,sharp catchment.You`ll love it!

Thanks Lew. Wasn't sure if there would be an especially gnarly section better to climb up rather than descend, a la Tarn Col in AP. Couldn't find any specific warnings though. Hopefully we should have a 2-week window immediately after Christmas to do the circuit. Cheers

It doesn't matter tho for psycological reasons? I prefer to start this trip from the Hoki/Whitcombe end. (perhaps a hangover from the days when there was no swingbridge over Rapid Creek) I've walked both saddles from either direction on more than a handful of occasions over the last 43 years.

If you`ve got time,Mungo Hut is worth a decko.Just thought of another reason for a Rapid Creek kickoff;you get to descend Parachute Hill(our name),a steepish section just below Bluff Hut.It`s reasonably direct.We lunched one day at Toaroha Biv before heading down to stay at Top Toaroha Hut.The biv would be a great place to take in the sunrise,as it looks across at the Divide,5 clics away.

Thanks Lew and Glenn I'd love to get to Mungo Hut - looks fantastic and so much effort has been put in to restore and maintain it. I'm a self-confessed hug-bagger so was also considering using the Yeats Ridge and Crystal Biv routes to travel between Top Toaroha and Cedar Flats Huts - from what I've read this should be manageable in a day if conditions are suitable? Lastly, any advice on good options and places for camping along the route? Cheers

Would definitely second going to Mungo if you have the time to spare. Well worth the visit especially if you don't think you'll get back to the area again. Can be done in an afternoon return trip from Poet Hut easily enough or can set aside a whole day for it if you travel at a more leisurely pace.

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Started by RedDragon
On 3 July 2017
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