Updates, June 2017

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Just some minor updates today, primarily to the home page. I am experimenting with lazy-loading of images, i.e. loading them as you scroll. This could reduce data costs and increase speed on mobile. Try it on the photographs page. Also I am trying out some new ad formats. I would like to see how they perform, as well as how intrusive they are. I expect that at least some new formats will be removed after I've run the trial....or before if they're really annoying!
Good to see the front page banner photo finally change! I'm not sure what a lazy loading image is, but is there anyway to get the photo's captions to display when on cell phone? On PC you can just mouse over them to see what the caption is... I now cant remember if the pre-update mobile photos had captions or not. Anyway, looking good.
They didn't but they should. Noted thanks.
Lazy loading (background loading?) isn't working with Samsung Internet browser (V5) - all image thumbnails remain grey. Chrome, however, works as does Firefox. Devices : Samsung S5, Android 6.0.1 and Tab S2, Android 7.0
All working smoothly for me on home pc with Chrome!
Matthew, I guess you've made some changes in the last couple of days. The problem I noted above now also applies to the home page - all images are blank. The What's New images show as white (text boxes are visible) while the photo thumbnails are black. The Like hearts are visible as well. As noted, this only happens on Samsung phones and tablets using the native Samsung browser (which, sadly, is what I use). I can follow the link to a photo or an article and images are fine - just on the photographs page and home page.
Can you please let me know what version of Samsung browser you are using, and which specific device?
Samsung Tab S2 (SM-T813), browser V5.2.05.14, Android 7.0 Samsung S5 (SM-G900I), browser V5.4.02.3, Android 6.0.1
See the same issue on a Samsung J200Y. Android 5.1.1. Samsung browser Ok in Chrome tho ...
Same issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Model SM-G935F running Samsung Internet Browser Ver 5.4.00-75, Android Ver 7.0
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Started by matthew
On 20 June 2017
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