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Now here's a good story - many moons ago I had a car which was going through the oil like one thing. Scrap value only. But then it got stolen from CBD Auckland and was found burnt out in Wellington (amazed it got there!). I got the full insurance and they got to Wellington - win win! lol
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Vandalism around the tararuas goes back a long time. its not a recent thing Kaitoke was chronic. although when I started going in there, didn't notice it much until the 1980s. Part of the reason for the otaki forks ranger was car vandalism. Walls Whare was wee bit of problem. Holdsworth has had a resident caretaker since the late 1960s. Kiriwhakapapa seems ok, touch wood. probably same hoons that vandalised Walls Whare and Kaitoke shelter etc, at the roadends and huts like Dobsons, Mountain house generally, I'd say vandalism is less in huts, now (most roadend huts are gone, anyway)
This stuff pisses me off to no end however I just think it needs to be accepted at some level. I for one do not believe they do this for any other reason than to be dickheads. And this car park is so far away, what's it 2.5 hours from both coasts? When I used to hike in the Waitakere's before they closed I loved doing the Fairy Falls Track, it's a great straight down, straight up track with beautiful terrain and really good, easy access training ground. But I would always worry about my car, I've seen dozens of windows smashed in all the carparks around that loop track - just people being nasty. I used to park up a little used side street, never seen any broken glass mixed in with the gravel/dirt. I have a plan to hike the St James however will be using a rental from Christchurch airport, still though, the idea of arriving to a soaking wet, smashed up car that can't be driven is off putting to say the least. I would be parking at Boyle Center however, and hitching to the start as Boyle won't shuttle rental cars.
smashed windows in auckland cars is often opoprtunistic thievery... with so many cars theres always some that have something visible to steal. they scan the cars and smash and grab when they see something,, happens all over the city... esecially when thers big events on..
Long ago now, three of us got to the end of a three day tramp to find the car we had left at the end to be missing three wheels. It wasn't even on blocks. The car was just resting on the grass. After walking to a wrecking yard some kilometres away, we purchased three wheels. Possibly the very ones we were missing. We suspect it was also just an opportunistic theft. I imagine some kids just needed some lollies or sherbert from the local shop.
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I'm glad I've never had any issues in the Tararuas - and I've parked and left cars at all the roadends there. With close proximity to towns like Levin and Masterton, I would have expected more "trouble" in this department, lols. The only time I've ever had issues is parking near Mossburn while walking in the Eyre Range for 3-4 days. We both came out after a 12-hour day, exhausted and collapsed into the car, looking forward to getting home to Inver-vegas. Started driving down the road and realised the car was handling like arse. Some muppet must have thought we were hunting on "his turf" as TWO of the car tyes had been let down. Luckily the tyes/valves hadnt been vandalised, and we hitched out with the wheel that couldnt be subbed for the spare, and got this pumped up at the local servo. The locals were very nice and quite horrified this had happened.
I never had issues either but seen plenty of evidence others were not as lucky. Otaki and Holdsworth glass on the ground Otaki burnt cars on roadside Old Kaitoke park locked like a stock car track. Never parked there overnight Mangaheo glass on ground Reports in tramping club newsletter of breaking pretty much everywhere. Cathpool glass. I left a car. There for a weekend no issue with a window open. Wife's credit card still in glovebox. Luckily it rained so she spent the trip home learning not to leave window open
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