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I wonder if a small motion triggered camera mounted on a tree or bush overlooking the car park might not be the way to go these days. At least it might give the cops something to work with.
Thought the same thing @PhilipW, but how would it be powered? (No mains) so solar? Battery powered when there's no sun? Definitely hidden and Kea/possum proof. Who would fund it. It absolutely sucks this is happening at all but not that surprising given the increased traffic volumes and opportunists around. My guess is it was premeditated being a long weekend and there would be people on the St James. Stinkers. Karma will get 'em....
Yeah it's the increased bypass traffic. Random opportunists. I just don't get these types of people. Leave a few empty 308 cartridges on the dash.
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"Canterbury rural area commander Inspector Peter Cooper said officers went to the car park on Sunday and put flyers on windscreens letting vehicle owners know police had assessed the scene. They left phone numbers to call if any crimes needed to be reported." So the police visited the vandalised cars and left notes on the windows telling the owner to call the police if a crime needed to be reported. I know its hard for the police in these places. The best advise I have ever heard was to leave everything open so thieves can see they are wasting their time. Cant rob a glovebox if its open and you can see its empty. Cant rob the boot of a station wagon if you can see into the bags in there and see they only contain clothes the Sallys would reject. Nothing to see here whats in the next car
Leaving everything open doesn’t help - they will drop an axe through the windscreen anyway. Compact battery operated movement activated cameras can operate for months and are (relatively) low cost. But, as with home security footage, the police (in Aus, at least) find it difficult to succesfully prosecute on image alone. If they recognise the offenders, and they are later found in posession of stolen items, prosecution is more likely. I have experience of a building site theft not even being investigated because no supporting evidence to the footage (and the local detectives were fully engaged in supporting a murder investigation - fair enough, really).
I know you shouldn't have to but you can avoid this notorious car park by paying to leave your car at Boyle Village outdoor education centre instead and getting shuttled back. May not have been available over the long weekend though.
not uncommon to happen in parts of the north island, doesnt make the news up here. cars stolen and torched as well.
Only thing that is sure to help is an uninteresting car that is fully insured. Wont help you get home if the wheels are gone though
What if they created/designated a few Freedom Camper spots at the Shelter car park, and created a 'permanent / resident' presence of people ?.
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