Kahurangi NP in Winter

Hi all, I was wondering if someone could let me know what Kahurangi is like in Winter. Specifically Mt Owen, the Matiri Range and 100/1000 acre plateaus? Wanting to do a trip in July. We'd be an experienced party, and we have access to all the gear under the sun. So my questions: What is the area like in winter? Would you bring snow gear, and if so what? I'd guess Ice Axe and Crampons are a given, but what about avalanche gear? Thanks!

I've met a guy in NW Nelson, surname Young?, who told me he's been all through that country in winter and climbed nearly every peak in Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes. I was interested to hear that he uses snow shoes some of the time and that he sets off avalanches before descending snow laden slopes where he will be potentially exposed. (DD I've been where you are intending to go with conventional gear but mainly in summer and have not used snow shoes)

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Started by DonaldDuck
On 18 May 2017
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