Cattle ridge hut

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Can someone give me an update as to the state of cattle ridge hut at the moment. Has it undergone it's retrofit?

Haven't been up there myself to check out the refit but I understand that the majority of the work has been done. from my club newsletter "The builders finished almost all the work on Cattle Ridge hut on Thursday the 9th March. The hut is now completely revamped, insulated, double-glazed and extended in size (porch addition). It is now (possibly) the best hut in the range. Just the new log burner requires installing; as well as a memorial plaque to the late Tony Macklin, Wellington NZDA, who was instrumental in the recovery of this hut. Before it was relined some graffiti from Noel Fraser and Co., the builders of the original (from the summer of '60/'61.) was uncovered. Still, as far as I'm aware, the only 5-bunk "six-bunker" in the country."

Thanks stunted. I'm wondering if the wood burner got installed as I'm looking to head up soon and it's getting cold. Especially up there.

"Still, as far as I'm aware, the only 5-bunk "six-bunker" in the country." Became a 6 bunker because the NZFS builder at the time, decided the head man of the culling parties should have their own bunk, so he removed the top one. Dunno about being "the best hut in the range". Arete Forks and Mid waiohine are, IMO :)

I agree mid waiohine is my favourite by far. Plus love that tramp in and out.

a few of the log book entries in mid waiohine hut when i was there before the signs were upgraded on the track, were from people doing the jumbo holdsworth who missed the drop off up the range to jumbo and continued in the wrong direction all the way down to mid waiohine without realising where they were going...

That serves them right for being stupid. Learn how to read a map and use a compass.

i'm guessing bad visibility would play a part... people dont bother to check the compass or map

Yeah but if you study a map in the days leading up to a tramp major points become obvious like the large saddle between holdsworth and Isobel. Or the fact that the turn off to jumbo is before the summit to holdsworth. I've been there in white out and never had trouble. Mind you I've been up there twenty odd times.

One misplaced party even tried going down the gorge from md waiohine, orginal route was to jumbo - atiwhakatu. got found at isobelle stm

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Started by Gaiters
On 8 May 2017
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