No "I forgot my password" link

Hi, I tried to log in using an account I set up a few years ago, but I have forgotten my password. I noticed there was no link for "I forgot my password" on the login page. I guess this was overlooked with the updates that have been done recently? Looking super, by the way. I guessed at my password a couple of times but just gave up and created a new profile using a new email address. I don't think I'd ever posted using the old one anyway, so this new one is fine. Just notifying the site manager of the issue. Loving the site and forums, and I can't wait to get back to NZ next year and into the bush again! Currently I'm in Western Australia where the bush is harsh, hot, dry, grey-brown, and ugly. I go "hiking" often here, but it is nothing like New Zealand.

Sorry about that missing link. It's on the work list. A bit short of time at the moment.

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Started by Buddha Boots
On 5 May 2017
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