Powell hut to be replaced

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Got an email from DOC Masterton re this. Seems the hut cant handle the high winds there. "Powell Hut in Tararua Forest Park is being rebuilt and DOC would like your input. To help ensure the new version of Powell meets the needs of its guests, DOC is seeking your feedback via an online survey. The current Powell Hut structure is still open, but please note that it shouldn’t be used during extreme wind events which exceed 180kph. The new hut will still be called Powell and will retain all the things which make the current one so popular. " Check out the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GFJX9RR

I noticed they've been doing some strengthening work on it lately, apparently (haven't been there). It must have been considerably bad for the plan now being to replace it next year. It's not like it hasn't been there for some time, though. Has this been an ongoing thing, or has Powell Hut suddenly lost some structural integrity? Or is it windier?

Getting it ready for the next great walk lol.

chances are it would have stood up to high winds but it wasnt up to the specifications DOC have for huts above the bushline. i was up there and it was blowing the best part of 120k's from experience.... i couldnt stand up, and the hut was fine. mind you it was a westerly and its sheltered from westerlies... it must have stood up to a lot of high wind already

The old NZFS Angle Knob hut blew away a few decades ago. There was nobody in it at the time.

@westland An NZFS culler (Chris Jenkins) had been in it, hut was lifting off piles, so he evacuated and spend night in the loo. Next morning, had trouble opening the door to get his gear, was still lifting off piles. he went to town, told the boss the hut would be gone. when they went to check, it was gone - down the hill where the debris is now The roof had blown off not long after building. very windy spot

Out of curiosity TH where was Angle Knob Hut located exactly?

@philipw the hut was on the bushline below spot height 1397 North of Jumbo. A sidle track existed around to the Jumbo spur (jumbo hut wasn't built then), then down to the Atiwhakatu (not raingauge spur)

@TararuaHunter Have you ever thought of writing a book?

@scottie no, it would be too boring :)

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