April 2017 updates

Updates today: * Show hut and campsite alerts provided by DOC * Improved respect for manual positioning of photographs and other objects in articles * Fixed: Hut summaries marking huts as "removed" incorrectly * Fixed: Map sometimes zoomed out too far * Stop automatic closure of forum threads * Several minor bugfixes

Thanks for all the work you do behind the scenes to keep the website running smoothly Matthew. It's much appreciated!

Do we have a way of flagging a track as 'abuse'. The 'flag this post' you get on forums does't seem to appear there. 'Top African powerful black magic spells caster call .....' is the track I'm referring to ...

spammers always find a way through. Pity we cant use them to find new ways into the eastern ruahines

Not as yet. We need it though, clearly.

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Started by Matthew
On 14 April 2017
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