Birthday trip

Hey all, It's my 30th in July and I'm thinking I'd like to spend it in the hills somewhere (undecided if i want to do a solo or bring the Mrs). Seeking ideas about a good trip to do. Rules: - Nothing requiring crampons or ice axe. I don't own them and don't trust my skills enough with them. Given its July, this will limit me somewhat. - South Island only, I live in ChCh and would prefer not to have to travel south of Timaru. Nelson/Kahurangi are ok as I have family up there. Bonus points if the trip is a loop or near to so that I don't need to organise transport between ends. - Max 5 days - work will only give me so much time off. - Finally, I'd prefer a track which is somewhat marked. While I can probably navigate my way around ok, I have limited off-track experience and have no desire to spend my birthday in a bush bivvy waiting for the chopper to find me!

Find a hot pools somewhere on the west coast take the missus and a bottle of champagne or two. Raging fire. Remote hut. Hot pools. Done.

Base yourselves in Karamea. Overnight at the Heaphy Hut ?. Check out the sights - Good dining & accommodation, tho the best coffee is from the guy in the yurt tent next to the Four Square in the CBD Could need gumboots for July on the West Coast ;)

Probably not Heaphy. It's a bit too marked. Plus we're already planning on doing that this year. I like Gaiters suggestion thus far though.

Maybe Elizabeth hut behind gloriavale

Something in the Mount Arthur table lands area should be alright, probably would not need crampons / axe unless you try to climb a peak.

I agree with militaris' suggestion of the table lands but have to renew my warning about not going on the track from Mt Arthur hut to Gordon's Pyramid if there is snow around. There are numerous 'tomos' literally right beside the track which may be invisible in snow conditions. Otherwise wandering around the Flora, Salisbury, Balloon, Lake Peel area is gorgeous in the snow. You can stay in the bush if conditions are bad and venture out into the open if weather permits.

Mount Arthur was my New Years trip but might be worth a geez and exploring a bit wider. I think the hot pool suggestion sounds the best option thus far.

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Started by Mosley59
On 9 April 2017
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