Lake Waikaremoana track closed

Went to book camp sites for the end of April for the track and see that it's closed for all of April due to damage from the recent storms. Bugger, I was really looking forward to a few days in there again this year. Must be real bad to have to cancel all the bookings, the huts were fairly heavily booked this April.

Any idea when it might re-open? I'm considering doing this track next month sometime.

06 April 2017: Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk bookings closed to 30 April Due to rain and storm damage the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk is temporarily closed. Bookings have been closed from 6-30 April 2017.


More rain on the way too, darn it.

The track is now partially open - great news! Last year I walked from Onepoto to Korokoro on day 1, it's a good climb up and down but quite easy to do in about 6 hrs with stops. MEDIA RELEASE Road closures remain in place; this means some areas in Te Urewera are not accessible. Visit Whakatāne ([Email address removed]) and Wairoa District Councils ([Email address removed]) websites for updates. For those manuhiri staying in Te Urewera, treat all drinking water by boiling it or using water purifying tablets. Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Track: The track between Onepoto to Korokoro campsite is now open. You will need to arrange with the water taxi services a pickup or drop-off by calling them direct: Big Bush: 0800-525-392 or Lake Shuttles: 0800-525-388. The Track between Korokoro campsite to Hopuruahine Landing remains closed until further notice due to damage caused by Ex-Cyclones Debbie and Cook. You can follow our teams progress as they work towards opening the remaining track, by joining our Te Urewera facebook page or visiting our website – Bookings for Maraunui Campsite, Marauiti Hut, Waiharuru Hut, Tapuaenui Campsite & Whanganui Hut can only be made through our office. The use of these facilities by manuhiri is based on the understanding manuhiri will respect the closure of this section of the track. Therefore, access to these facilities is by boat only. For up to date information, drop into our office at Te Kura Whenua or call us on 06 837-3803. Ends

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Started by Forest823
On 6 April 2017
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