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Well baby Hoeroa has passed the 11kg mark and is too big for the front pack. We are now looking at buying a pack that holds him in the back. We have been researching and whittled it down to a couple of options and are looking for advice from people who have first hand experience with these . (Please no reports from the Internet, we can use a search engine also. First hand only please). The Osprey poco is the one we are most interested in. Deuter also have reasonable choices. We aren't to keen on the macpac and Kathmandu choices. Surprisingly we have found phil and teds escape and this looks good also. We need something that can handle long trails we usually travel for 7 hours at a time with him. It also needs as much storage as it can fit. Cheers.
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Wouldnt he be at the self service stage. Our youngest walked to Paua hut age 2 He needed a little bit of shoulder carry on the way out
I’m using the macpac possum v2 it’s very good I would recommend it to you.
He's a really big boy geeves, he's got some solid ngati porou genes in him lol. He's like carrying a live wild pig haha. But he wouldn't be too far off a hike out to the Orongorongo. I can't wait till he can come up onto the tarry tops with his dad and big brothers.
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Started by Gaiters
On 4 April 2017
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