Reactivating closed thread

Hey Matthew, How does one reactivate a closed thread? I want to update "Anatoki - Boulder Lake route" thread with the resultant trip info but it's closed due to inactivity. I can't immediately see a problem with authenticated members having this capability for threads closed due to inactivity - and seems like a useful thing.

There were reasons for closing off threads when it was implemented. Every so often some random person would revive an ancient thread for completely unreleated reasons, maybe because posting in an existing thread was more obvious than finding the New Topic button. I've also had this issue a few times, though. Yesterday I'd thought to post a link to the end of this thread, but it auto-closed a week ago. If re-opening an thread isn't an option then I've sometimes wondered if there's merit in at least being able to branch a new thread from an old one after it's been closed, and so retain the two way link between the conversations.

Branching a thread that was closed due to age makes sense. Branching a thread that Matthew has closed, I think should not be allowed.

Yes, scottie, I was just considering inactivity - obviously administratively closed threads are a separate class. I first wondered at the practical difference between reactivating and branching a closed thread but if it was multi-page, a reactivated and newly popular thread may quickly become unworkable. However, imo, a short(ish) thread would be better just being reactivated. So, perhaps, reactivating a (say) 2+ page thread actually branches it (really, it's more like spawning), otherwise the thread is just reactivated. Of course, Mathew may have other thoughts on the proposition.

Sorry, missed this. I'm not convinced of the merit of automatically closing old threads. I'll try turning that function off. Have a few updates to roll out. Might have time this rainy long weekend.

No problem, Matthew - I was intending to bump the thread before it deactivated, anyway :)

Auto-closed threads are now reopened. The only ones I've left closed are ones that were not constructive, and closed manually. Enjoy!

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Started by bernieq
On 30 March 2017
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