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Hi all this is my first message i've posted. For a while now i have been able to access, download, and print off NZ topo maps online via the government LINZ website ( I've recently noticed that i am unable to do this anymore. Couple of questions. 1/. Is anyone else have the same experience? 2/. If so does anyone know if this is a permanent thing? 3/. If it is a permanent thing what is the reason for this? Cheers Paul.
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All the LINZ NZTopo50 28th Oct updates are now live at Enjoy the rest of Halloween ;)
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Try Mobile Atlas Creator. You can download and store tiles on your computer, and export to several formats including Garmin, Magellan, and Android/iPhone apps. It's free. No more subscriptions for your GPS unit! For Android, I use the OruxMaps app. Personally, I have an Android phone with GPS, and I've loaded the entire north and south islands onto it. I have 8 batteries, 1 for each day on the track. I keep it in a zip lock bag and my dry bag. The GPS has been accurate to 15-30m.
Hey Gavin. Following the October updates and other updates, do you keep copies of the tiles from older editions of Topo50 maps when you update the app with the new editions? As time goes on and LINZ adds and removes features to official maps (especially tracks) for all of accuracy and safety and legal and political reasons, I was thinking it could be a really interesting feature to be able to jump back to older editions of maps to see information that's no longer officially current. That's just another thought anyway.
Interesting thought! I'll give it some thought to see if I can figure out a nice way to do this. I'll have to go over the old versions and see what sort of things have been changing to see if it's worth while.
I hope your problem is solved.
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