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Hi all this is my first message i've posted. For a while now i have been able to access, download, and print off NZ topo maps online via the government LINZ website ( I've recently noticed that i am unable to do this anymore. Couple of questions. 1/. Is anyone else have the same experience? 2/. If so does anyone know if this is a permanent thing? 3/. If it is a permanent thing what is the reason for this? Cheers Paul.
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Hi Mark and izogi, You can overlay kml or Google fusion tables on to the maps which should let you achieve what you want. Let me know if you get stuck or something doesn't work quite how you like it and I'll see what I can do for you. Kml overlays only work for the embedded maps but if you want the Fusion Tables support I'll add that for you also - should be pretty quick to support. You can generate kml from Google Earth if you want any easy method ;) Here's an example pulling kml directly from itself: Another example highlighting a track: A richer kml example: And here's a few examples pulling in a Google Fusion Table with data about gold permits in NZ... All permits: Granted mining permits: Hope that helps? Gavin
I should have also mentioned that the kml overlay options are available in the "share" tab on If you'd like any tweaks to the functionality and want a quick reply, best to use the "contact" tab on as I only visit now and then ;)
Hi izogi, Yes embeddding maps is available on request. I have emailed you.
A quick update... There's now a "Coords" tab on where you can convert coordinates you're interested in to NZTM and NZMG. You can also use the "NZTopo50 map sheet reference" option at the bottom of the Coords tab to help determine what printed map sheet you might want to take with you on a trip. You can also download the LINZ maps directly from the map sheet reference when you click on a map sheet area. Cry out if anyone can think of any more useful features to add.
You might like to check out this free NZ Topo map site as well: Covers the whole of NZ and you can download maps,tracks profiles, etc. Some features are still being developed but it's getting better all the time.
As a complimentary tool I've produced North & South Island maps displaying markers grouped by Category. Marker Categories include main tramping areas, DoC huts etc. Still very much a work in progress. Currently populating S.I hut details. Check it out at Comments and ideas welcome
Print support has now been added to NZ Topo Map - More detail here:
All 10th Aug 2011 LINZ NZTopo50 map updates are now live at Sheets updated: AX27, AX28, AY29, BG36, BN33, BN34 and CA13
Some of you may find the new GPX sharing feature useful on NZ Topo Map for sharing files from your smart phones and GPS units. This is now an option under the "Share" tab of the site e.g.
I've fixed a bug that was preventing GPX files from some sites such as from being shared and showing on the map. Here's an example showing the Queen Charlotte Track GPX file directly from
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