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Hi all this is my first message i've posted. For a while now i have been able to access, download, and print off NZ topo maps online via the government LINZ website ( I've recently noticed that i am unable to do this anymore. Couple of questions. 1/. Is anyone else have the same experience? 2/. If so does anyone know if this is a permanent thing? 3/. If it is a permanent thing what is the reason for this? Cheers Paul.
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Hello, Have you tried the NZ Walking Access Commission's mapping system? It's in Beta Testing at the moment - you can sign on to be a tester through Basically, it uses LINZ's cadastral data, topo maps and aerial photography to provide maps of publicly-owned land where you can reasonably expect to have public access. It has a search function, etc too. Give it a whirl? Cheers
Hey, thanks for pointing this out. Great to see it's on the way -- I'm off to check it out. (Keeping in mind of course is that one of the conditions of being a test user is to not exchange feedback about impressions of the test site with anyone except the Walking Access Commission.)
Ah yes! Well, I don't think they'd mind you encouraging other people to try it out. The goal at the moment is to get heaps of people trying it out to get rid of as many bugs as possible.
I created a login and then tried to enter the map. After entering the login and password nothing happened. Guess it might be down for the day.
Oops, sorted it. Password is case sensitive. Hint, if you do the login wrong it doesn't tell you, it just sort of does nothing.
Hi all, Just a quick one to let you know I've just put live v2 of - a complete re-design I hope you'll like. Took a while as been a bit time poor! Now devotes the full screen to the map, includes place name searching, and integrates with Google Maps to allow more useful functionality to be added in the future. I must admit - I've taken some inspiration from Seagull's version, but in my defence I was planning to migrate the map to Google Maps anyway ;) Was going to ditch v2 when I noticed Seagull's originally, but was enjoying the creative process so went ahead anyway. Quite a co-incidence we both released similar sites around the same time and that we both live in Chch!?! Hope you like it, Gavin
BTW: It starts off with Topo250 maps, but once you zoom in to a suitable level you'll start seeing the more detailed Topo50 maps. I'm kinda thinking some people might not realise this at first - trying to think of how to make people aware Topo50's are present also. Might add a button to jump up and down between versions - will think about it.
Hi Gavin, I'm enjoying using your site. I see one can embed the map in another website (eg a blog) and that one can add a pin. Am I right in thinking I can only add one? Is there a possibility that it could be made so that multiple pins could be added as well as lines - eg dashed lines showing routes? This would be extremely useful for me, rather than copying a map, trying to draw routes on it in programs I don't know how to work and pasting it in. Cheers Mark
Hi All. An update from Seagull about Unique URL's have been added for every placename in the database, for example was visited heaps over he last few weeks because of the sad incident that happened there. After some questions about how to use this service without any cellphone signal, I've added the tiles as a source in Mobile Atlas Creator so that you can save the tiles onto your iPhone / Android / Windows mobile device for offline use. See for more info on how to use this service.
Hey this is awesome. I'll do some tinkering with my phone. If you're in the mood, have you ever considered providing a custom google maps tile set? I'm not fully up with how to do it but I think it's something to do with implementing a GTileLayer interface from the google maps API. I embed little track maps all over my blog and it'd be neat to be able to do it on linz tiles rather than google's dumbed down physical map layer.
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