Garry River Track (Missing Link Track)

I finally got to walk this track a couple of weeks ago on my trip from Christchurch to Hokitika. I could not find a marked (taped) turnoff on the northern end of this track, but the following picks it up. Follow the bushedge SW along the south side of the clearing on pt1046. Swing south with the bushedge and descend the start of the spur dropping due south. The clearing ends and you travel south through beech for a bit to emerge into a 2nd scrubbier clearing. Follow the proto-spur due south through this clearing to where orange tape marks the start of track on the bushedge on the spur on the southern side. From here a good-ish cut track drops to the Garry. Follow orange tape down on loose rock-scree in mature bush. Ignore pink tape which deviates off the marked tape half-way down. A small terrace 30m above the Garry offers hope of campspots, but the valley floor is a steep sharp V and no camping is possible. The track up the south face starts 50m upriver from that down the northern face. Broad and well cut, marked with old permolat and new tape. Climbs very steeply at first, becoming merely steep later. Finally emerges onto the blowhard track at a clearly visible but unmarked junction 20m east of the trig on pt797. Continued from
That's great! Interesting way to get into Bob's Camp.
Thanks for that, Madpom. I've only been down to the Garry from the trig at Point 797. Another time a few of us went from Bob's biv down to the river but it was a horribly scratchy descent via stunted beech forest. Much nicer to have a bit of a track to follow. The CTC (mainly Doug Forster and Sue Hely I think) started that track improvement. Good to read more work has been done. We did a big circuit on the tops one time (Mt Thomas to Mt Richardson) then walked back to our starting point at Wooded Gully via the forestry track.
Frank and I walked both sections of the missing link track today and it is just as Madpom describes above except I didn't notice any tape on the southern track at all except at the end down by the river. It is still in reasonable nick. I hope the CTC continue to snip it especially at places where the beech regen is narrowing the track. The northern track is still very well marked. I added a new piece of cruise tape to the northern terminus of the track at the scrubline.
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Started by madpom
On 20 March 2017
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