Upper South Branch Hurunui Hut to Camerons Hut

We took the below route in showers, with a cloud layer at 1400. Above 1400 it was approx 50m of visibility & gusty. At 1600 it was a gale and rain and almost no vis. http://i.imgur.com/hPX6RyP.jpg What is the correct way up out of the stream onto the ridge at 1301? From the stream the only way up onto the plateau was a near vertical ~40m climb. It was pretty dodgy climbing, pulling on rotten branches & loose plants. The stream chasm draining 1627 was uncrossable. There was also 3-4 other small chasm's before it that were a major pain to cross - and not represented on the topo. Once we got to 1677 we couldn't see a thing and bailed down to 1421 as soon as we could to avoid the million knots winds & sideways rain. In hindsight, I wish we had stuck on the ridge and just gone straight down to Camerons Hut. Our route to the walkwire was a complete bush bash and mostly sucked as the ridge kept wanting to push us off to Cameron Steam.

I see Neil Sloan and a fellow, Steve, did the ascent out of the Sth Hurunui as part of their horrendous scrub-bashing, gnarly tops travel circuit involving the Crawford Range recently that biship posted https://get.google.com/albumarchive/100895717774510695568/album/AF1QipM1TqN1iCU47GEKWDx0E_kZJScZI8kpFh3qCGzW. He took a really good series of photos and those chasms were mentioned!

It looks as if they accidently went up the wrong stream, which made them climbed a few hundred m more than planned: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/100895717774510695568/album/AF1QipM1TqN1iCU47GEKWDx0E_kZJScZI8kpFh3qCGzW/AF1QipMQPNrVSLORyMu8ZXHMFvuurApK1uq2Dl0NqPVN They intended to try to get onto the the platau where we did, on the other side of the chasm: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/100895717774510695568/album/AF1QipM1TqN1iCU47GEKWDx0E_kZJScZI8kpFh3qCGzW/AF1QipOoT3j7XHYbfTMiiZSTzevPA6unrha9Z2cTf5AR https://get.google.com/albumarchive/100895717774510695568/album/AF1QipM1TqN1iCU47GEKWDx0E_kZJScZI8kpFh3qCGzW/AF1QipPxkfbWJ1jZPf_0UFCQGA9XWeYTLhfwnAWetwA1 In the Upper South Branch Hurunui Hut about every 10th hut book entry was 'Came in from Camerons Hut', so either it's a doddle, or there's a known route - which I can't find anywhere.

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Started by biship
On 20 March 2017
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