Red Mountain, South Westland

Hi trampers. I'm keen to explore the Red Mountain and Little Red Hill area in South Westland. My current plan involves boating/helicopter into Big Bay from Jackson Bay and accessing the area from the upper Pyke River. My main question is, has anyone accessed the Red Mt/ Little Red Hill area via the upper Pyke River or the Barrier River (via Stag Pass)? If so what is the best/least-difficult route in? The terrain looks rough and I would imagine it’s similar to the Upper Whitcombe River track/ Collier Gorge (ie large boulder hopping) which I did last year. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards. Hadley

Hi Hadley - you might want to check out Moir's Guide North, which can be purchased from the NZAC: This should have detailed route descriptions for the area.

Thanks Pageix. Much appreciated. Book ordered. :)

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Started by Hadley Mills
On 16 March 2017
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