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I have a Macpac Torre 80Litre made with canvas which is a little to small for me now so I am looking at getting another pack. I am looking at the Osprey brand but the only thing is holding me back is that their packs are made with nylon. As you would already know canvas is rugged and can be abused quite well without giving in. Would it be unwise to go with an Osprey over another canvas Macpac Torre?

80 too small?? 10 years ago I had a 100 litre pack and struggled to get everything in now I struggle to fill a 75. My current pack is the Macpac Torlese which is nylon (more likely polyester) and it has taken a hammering for 5 years now with no issue apart from it being due for a good wash. Even the canvas of the Torre is likely to be a synthetic canvas

What are you doing with the pack ?. Also, 80L seems excessive to me. Or do you mean the "fit" is no longer right ? I have no problems at all recommending Osprey packs. They're very comfortable and can be selected and adjusted for a good fit. They come in Mens or Womens models for body shape differences. A little more gimmicky than I need. But depends on what it is you're wanting to do with your pack ?.

the pack or the frame is too small? osprey have some heavy duty packs and the nylon wont be much of a drawback... xenith is their heavy duty pack.

Sorry, I mean the frame is too small for me - 80 litres is more than enough space so I am looking at sizing down to maby a 70 or 65 litre

look at an aether 70, its one of Ospreys more robust packs

As the resident camp bore on the topic, can I ask if you are up to considering one of Aarn's BodyPack's? https://www.aarnpacks.com/ They are not for everyone, but for those of us who do click with them ... we'll never look back. At the very least if you are about to shell out good money on a new pack you probably can't go too wrong trying one out.

The Aethers are the Men's packs. Aerials are the Women's. They're built differently (packs & sexes). https://www.bivouac.co.nz/gear/camping-and-tramping/packs.html?manufacturer=976&pack_type=609 Torpedo7 is possibly cheaper, but a knowledgeable Bivouac person who can correctly fit you is a big plus.

Thanks everyone. Iv got two pack in mind the Macpac Torselle 65 and the Osprey Aether 70. Would 65 Liters generally be enough for say a 1 - 3 night tramping trip? 80 Liters is too much for me, I never really fill it

Yep. Not an Ultralighter but my overnighter is a 40L Vaude. Nearly took that for 2x 4-day tramps (without tent/food re-supply Day 5). Instead took Aether 70, cos uncertain how it would be with food re-supply on Day 5. Turned out, heaps of slack. Going to depend on your "Stuff". How big's your "Stuff" ? How much "Stuff" you gonna take ?. http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2016/05/10/carlin2_custom-780863b360690a2d6d130aa0016b4549b8fc5fd8-s900-c85.jpg

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On 15 March 2017
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