Tongariro National Park Management Plan partial re "Federated Mountain Clubs on NZ Support in part/ scope change Would like to review independent assessment of the design and environmental impacts that has been undertaken. Rationale  What is the primary reason for wanting to add more mtb tracks? Is it abo ut attracting more visitors or is demand on the current mtb tracks in the district at capacity?  Consider that there are plenty of opportunities as stated in the plan (p. 154, p5).  Has DOC evaluated the effects of mtb tracks that they currently have?, as s pecified in the plan (p 155)? If so are these reports available? Ohakune to Horopito, Missing Link Initially supportive of these lower altitude/ gradient proposals. Turoa to Horopito Loop Proposal not supported for following reasons:  Do not believe that traffic safety benefits cited will be achieved by getting cyclists off Mountain Road. The two recreational opportunities are very different and the demand will still exist for cycling on Mountain Road.  The Description as multi - user, multi - directional does not reflect reality. The location, gradients 18 # Name/ organisation Overview Summary of comments and demand suggests that a shuttle accessed downhill orientated track is a likely outcome, this is incompatible with multi - use, multi - directional and has a commercial driver.  Concerned that creation of track wil l fuel demand for development of further tracks.  A shared use downhil l track is a recipe for disaster given the significant speed differentials between cyclists and trampers unlike more level tracks such as the Heaphy where it tends to be less of an issue with it being shared use.  Tracks surface required for sustained cycle use is a lot harder on trampers feet than a more standard tramping track. Having said that, the Blyth Track as it stands at present is hard on trampers too, because it has a lot of cross laid timber that makes it really hard underfoot.  Trampers/ walkers prefer separate tracks. This recognised family orientated, younger, older and less able people. Experience tends to show that dual use tracks tend to displace some trampers rather than ret ain them. Other  A new track running alongside the Ohakune Mountain Road to link the 2 disjointed ends of the RTM track appeals. However rather than running a dual use track down to Waitonga falls car park why not create a new tramp ing track from the Manga turuturu exit sidling across to link with the track above Blyth Hut? This would increase the use of that hut and provide a mo re interesting route over varied terrain away from traffic noise.  Question costs to make the Blyth Track mountain - bike - able and mak e a separate track for tramping/ walking and the attendant maintenance costs. Scope Consider the following of high importance and should be a priority for DOC as waiting for a full review can only exacerbate the issues currently faced.  Tongariro Crossing – stress is occurring right now on this particular part of the massif .  At least upgrade the Tongariro Crossing road end facilities – they are a disgrace given the volume of visitors. Mangatepopo road needs to be widened to two lanes and sealed and carpark and toilet facilities significantly expanded.  Ketetah i Road also needs to be sealed with more/ safer parking provided"

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Forum Tracks, routes, and huts
Started by waynowski
On 15 March 2017
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