Worsley pass

So what is the recommended route down the west coast side of the Worsley Pass? I can give you a not-recommended route via pt1315 which (in clag) appears to have no viable exits other than due nth towards the forks below Big Tops, followed by a hairy scrub-bash-cum-sidle to the spur dropping west into the Otehake. I planned on heading up Chasm Creek and over that saddle direct to Otehake Hut but was dissuaded bt the sheer majority of previous hut book entries at Worsley Biv heading over pt1315. Mistake? I suspect so. Surely there's a better way ..

@madpom: I haven't gone from Worsley Pass to the Otehake but I've done it a couple of times from the Hawdon. So I can say that the route from the saddle at the head of Enchanted Stream, between points 1591 and 1647 goes i.e. that stream that leads almost to the Otehake Hut is OK travel if you can get into the head of it from Worsley Pass somehow. Frank says he's never read any documentation of travel from Worsley Pass to the Otehake via the Chasm Stream spurs etc. People may have done it but not written it up in any detail. I suspect the way to go might be via Pt 1556 rather than Pt 1647 as that arete running south from its summit looks very nasty on the map. It is possible to go from Worsley to the Koropuku by sidling on the true right of Tawhana Stream. This is for the brave only. I've reccied it from both ends but not done the final km to the second stream on the true right from Worsley Pass, coming from the Koropuku and out of 'Big Gully'. The climb out of Big Gully is quite steep and involves going from tree to tree. We did try climbing out of the gully a bit higher up the gully one time but found the next side stream only crossable at the one point where we had previously crossed it so had to drop down the slope to that point. Frank says a party once tried to get to Worsley Pass from the Koropuku via the route you attempted (via Pt 1315). They ended up spending the night on that route due to being bluffed. I have also been told that a woman doing the Parks and Rec course at Lincoln about 15 years ago or so, went up to Worsley Pass via Tawhana Stream with her malamute. I naturally wanted to make contact with her but disappointingly the mutual friend was not motivated to get her contact details. If anyone else has information on routes that were successful, I'd be interested too. Madpom, did you drop into the Koropuku for your sidle to the west spur? The Koropuku is travellable from the Big Gully downwards to its junction with the Otehake. I've done this section about 4 times but one can only cross the Otehake here in low flows i.e. autumn. Hugh Van Norden went up the Koropuku recently to Big Tops from Otehake Hut.

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Started by madpom
On 11 March 2017
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