Fiordland / Western Southland options

Hi there - I'm trying to get back into Tramping having done a fair bit of tramping / hunting over the years.... Did the Kepler not long ago and loved it.... Looking for shorter weekend tramps to avoid work issues! Trying to get my fitness up before I tackle anything too serious (but more than capable) I've been studying Topo maps etc - I recently did a job for work between Mossburn and Te Anau - Has anybody been up Mt Hamilton from Chewings Rd side? It looks quite a good climb with what would be some rewarding views for my camera (I do landscape photography) I quite like the look of it and it looks like it could also be accessible from Princhester hut towards the aparima forks hut direction. Keen to get out exploring not necessarily well used tracks - I like being out there with not many others about.... Basically I'm looking for some good overnight tramps that could be loops or drop off pick up spots that provide good views and initially aren't too serious while getting the legs back into the swing of things fitness wise! Also I have a couple of mates who are less experienced keen to come along. Cheers in advance! Chris Watson Te Anau
The Green Lake / Mt Burns area has some good weekend trip possibilities. In to the Green Lake Hut if the weather is less than ideal, in good weather, head up that track onto the tops near Mt Burns. It's easy getting up Mt Burns, then good tops travel from the basin south of Mt Burns south east to pt 1411 and down to the saddle east of Green Lake. Nice camping in that basin south of Mt Burns also if the weather is good.,167.387775&z=13&pin=1 More pictures here:
I've been from Lower Princhester into the Aparima huts. We had a go at climbing up Clare Peak but a combination of low cloud and me rolling my ankle meant we turned around at the bush line. Lots of scree slopes in the area, which the topomap doesn't show. The Waterloo Burn is full of beautiful red tussock and is quite scenic for photography. Becketts hut is a nice looking hunters hut if you're interested in that. Green Lake/Lake Monowai is a great area, as Ian said. Historic Clark Hut is a (rustic) gem and well worth a stay at. Mt Burns is spectacular. The Mavora Lakes area has a lot of options, the better ones being off track. The Livingstone Mountains are easy travel with multiple places to cross to the Milford Road... Arny Hut, Boyd Creek, Eglington East Branch, or all the way up to The Divide.
G'day Chris. I'm currently based in Te Anau/Manapouri. Want to catch up and have a chat about local options? PM me if you're keen. I work 7 days at a time in Deep Cove, but am out every second week.

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On 10 March 2017
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