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Who owns a waterproof jacket suitable for tramping which actually keeps them dry? If so, what brand is it?

waterproof clothing is a form of wetsuit in heavy rain.... NOTHING stops sweat buildup inside a raincoat in prolonged heavy rain or in humid conditions... the benefit is that it keeps most of the wind and cold rain out. Gore tex, pertex shield, eVent, marmot membrain waterproof materials used by a variety of brands are above average in reliablity.

When I got back into tramping for the first three years I used a blue pvc on nylon coat purchased from the Warehouse for the massive sum of 12 bucks. I think they are 25 now. When I bought a "decent" it got thrown in the back of my 4wd and has lived there for the last 10 years Last time I used it It was half under the tool box but it would still fully deflect a fire hose at point blank range. Cleaning is easy even if covered in mud and clay You just lay it on the drive and take to it with a hose and stiff broom. Ive since owned a Katmandu in NGX which worked very well for 3 years then I couldnt renew the DWR coating so although its still waterproof its as breathable as the pvc above. This was followed by a Patagonia with H2NO fabric which has been great but is starting to delaminate now so not long for this earth. I have a Mountain Designs gortex in the wardrobe waiting its turn but none of these stand a show of beating the old pvc for being waterproof forever. The old oilskins of the same era as mountain mule packs were always remembered as being smelly and breathable but those were also the days of woolen clothing so breathability wasnt as important

I have an Earth Sea Sky hydrophobia, made in NZ from a gore-tex type fabric called gelanots. pros: Good waterproofing, tough fabric, hood is a good size, extra length keeps my butt, crotch and legs dry. Draw string waist to adjust fit is useful and keeps jacket fitting comfortably with a waist belt. Cons: traps moisture inside from sweat (needs pit zips), bulky. Hood doesn't stow so can get in the way (or worse funnel water down the back of your neck!) when not being worn.

+1 the Red-Shed PVC coat. Cut sleeves at elbow similar to a polo top. Circumcise hood if you have suitable rain hat. Goes a little something like dis -

I've been looking for a long cut jacket with pit zips. This huntech one looked pretty decent in store. Don't think you could stow the hood though.

I think you need to be more specific. If temperature is over 20 degrees or so, and there is little wind, don't bother. Your choices at that time are to get wet from wind or perspiration. If you wear suitable modern layers, they will tend to dry fairly quickly, so no big deal to wear no rain shell. Then you have the hard range: too cold or windy to do without, too warm to be comfortable. The recommendation there seems to be to have vent pints so you can shed body warmth, or slow down so you're not sweating much. Windy and cold: take your pick. I think most jackets will work. My choice: I'm currently happy with a Kathmandu Pocket-It rain jacket. It was cheap, and multi-use, so can use it in town too, not fully waterproof, but surprisingly pretty OK. I can happily hike with this for hours. If I get some spare money will get a Marmot rain jacket, either Essence or PreCip (have their Essence pants, they're fantastic).

you can still get hypothermic in prolonged rain at temperatures around 20 degrees.. if you get disabled you'll want a raincoat to help you stay warm. being disabled when you're saturated in anything other than hot weather can still become a problem up into the mid twenties, i've spoken to queenslanders who've become hypothermic in the rain there.... heat is lost up to twenty times faster through water than through air.. dont underestimate being wet

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lightweight for a hunters jacket means it probably weighs between half and three quarters of a kilo , :D lightweight trampers jackets are closer to 200gm

Wrong pic. Wrong jacket. Hunters Element XTR Jacket Green ""Hydrafuse PacSTEALTHâ„¢ fabric is the highest performing 3 layer fabric on the market. Selected for its advanced light weight and incredibly quiet properties, Hydrafuse PacSTEALTHâ„¢ ... (plus, the ergonomic cut) ... will keep you dry and comfortable in the harshest conditions. Exceptional 20,000mm hydrostatic pressure and 15,000gm/m2/24hrs breathability rate."" I DID wear it as a poncho with my arms through the armpit vents one day on the Heaphy. Thanks, Waynowski, for the tip. Surprisingly, it IS heavier than 200g. But it's very comfortable & practical to have on a rain day. Feels very lightweight to wear and pack . Sizes S - 4XL at Gun City. Try one on on ?. My only complaints are that the sleeve cuff is too small to allow me to roll the sleeve up my arm and the cuffs on the sleeves take time to fully dry out, as the hem is not 3-layer fabric.

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